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“My hypnotherapy session completely changed my life! Problem solved. I still practice regularly, though not as much as I like.”


“Prana is a gift! I highly recommend her.
She might be one of the best gifts you can offer to yourself.

She’s a wonderful woman, and has gently guided me through several hypnosis and havening sessions. Without the hocus-pocus, she puts things into perspective, with lots of care and laughter. Even for my logical mind as a designer architect, she has quickly let me see, feel, heal, construct and live things, beyond what I thought was possible. With the havening, she provides an extra simple and effective technique. It’s as if she just made meditation and hypnosis tangible as well. A practical bridge between mind and body.”

Frederic – Designer, Architect

“Hi Prana! I thought I’d let you know the session really worked for me. It’s a very grateful technique and works quickly. Haven’t smoked for a week 👌🏻🙏🏻 Thank you! 🌺✨

Laura – Teacher

“I believe all of us experienced trauma in our lives and it is up to ourselves to find a way of channelling it constructively. This has never been easy for me and many times I have walked away from opportunities to do so. Prana thought me something new, a way of being able to handle certain emotions connected to trauma in a very easy and healthy way through the havening technique. This way when I feel negative emotions coming up I know now how to calm myself down in only a short amount of time. What is also important to me is the fact that this technique is scientifically proven, which makes my sceptic side to trust it even more. I confide in Prana with all my heart and her integrity is what I was looking for in a therapist.”

Britt – Store Manager

“Being in a session with Prana changed my preconceptions about hypnosis. She shows you the way to read, heal and learn about yourself. Her perspective on hypnosis is very unique thoughtful and sensitive. Her space is also very peaceful and full of great energy. I’m really thankful to meet her and be part of what she is doing.”

Juan – Artist

“The Havening experience with Prana was amazing. I felt secure with her at my side/accompanying me and finally allowed myself to go deeper in something painful from my past. I feel now a lot lighter, more confident and focused. Thank you so much!”

Eloise – Singer, Vocal coach

“My experience was unexpected in a way I didn’t think my deep emotions would come up so easily. My intention for this session and a safe feeling helped me to bring up the emotions that I felt. Prana listened to this intention and helped me through guiding the movements, to canalise my emotions into more self love and healing. I felt vulnerable but not judged which allowed me to open up. The Havening movements had a suiting effect. When I used them afterwords I could immediately experience it’s deeper impact. Prana, her sincerity and caring being is noticeable. I am grateful for this experience, in getting to know myself more.”

Fiona – Restuaranteur

“Thank you so much again for last Friday!
It was a very valuable experience, I could right away feel how much more relaxed I was that Friday evening and Saturday. … I’ve used the motions a few times already since Friday and it’s amazing how quickly it works.”

Frederique – Graphic Designer

“I really liked the havening session and I practiced on a few emotional moments on my own and I could feel how it softens and that I was healed a bit more. So thank you for that 🙏🏻

Hanna – Restuaranteur, Yoga Teacher

“Trying out havening with Prana has created a strong soothing and effective tool for daily stress situation. I can only strongly recommend to actually try this special technique. The results are immediate, i remember leaving the consultation laughing and with a totally different energy level and body conscience with a more positive outlook on the situations i came first in with.

Pablo – Jewelry Designer

“My daily life has been greatly impacted by my sessions with Prana. Her expertise in both yoga practice and hypnosis techniques reach a level of depth I have not encountered in anyone else. Thanks to her guidance I feel more connected to my higher self and purpose in life. I now know how to access a clear mind when I need it and my awareness has greatly expanded. I highly recommend her.”

Costa – Career Coach

“What do I recommend… well everything! Beautiful Space surpassed only by the Beautiful Energy of Prana and her yoga classes.”

Sarah – Yoga Teacher