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About Prana :  

Spiritual hypnotherapist and Anahata yogini living in Antwerp, Belgium. My specialty is to guide various forms and depths of therapeutic trance and meditation through private sessions and classes.

Consciously entering the true meditative states, similar to hypnotherapy is an ancient form of self-healing and self-regulation. Making it possible to transform subconscious patterns. It is an act/art of reality creation, dis-rooting your darkest wounds and moving from inner to outer change.

I’ve studied various techniques, both ancient and new, to familiarize myself with the possibilities of therapeutic trance and the science behind modulating the subconscious. (Click on ‘CV’ below)

Through the private sessions shown on this site, I offer individual guidance and support in this process. Some moments in life, having support helps. But ultimately, learning how to do it yourself, integrating practices and the awareness of the subconscious into daily life is very self empowering. If you don’t bring your own awareness into your subconscious, someone or something else (ie your past experiences) controls it…

I founded as a platform to share and teach the Anahata tradition of transformative meditation and hypnotherapy. My hope is that it contributes to shifting the ‘healing’ paradigm into one of safe community and balanced self-empowerment. More info about workshops and classes can be found on that website. As well as a longer version of my biography if you’re interested.

I also host elemental tea and incense ceremonies, and occasionally hand-dip twirled, pure beeswax candles for wishes, prayers and blessings. Feel free to contact me for requests, commissions or bookings.

2020 Carcinos (supportive hypnosis for illness, stress & cancer), Ina Oostrom
2020 Havening Techniques, Stephen Travers
2020 Hypnokids, OMNI, Ina Oostrom en Ayla Oostrom
2020 Hypnowaving (EMDR) , Parts Therapy OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom
2020 Reiki Second Degree, Usui Shiki Rhyoho, Kathy Melcher + Frank Coppieters.
2019 HypnoCell, OMNI Hypnotherapy, Erich Walker,
2019 Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis, Deep states and the Superconscious, Christophe Dierckx,
2019 ANAHATA yoga, Nhada Yoga (mantra yoga), Peter Clifford,
2018 ANAHATA Yoga, Nyasa + Yoga Psychology, Peter Clifford
2018 OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom,
2017 Level 1 QHHT Practitioner, Dolores Cannon
2016 Yoga Teachers Training 200 ANAHATA Yoga + 5 Element Form, Peter Clifford
2014 Yoga Teachers Training 200 + Children’s Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Santosha Yoga Institute Bali